Hospital Furniture


We offer a wide selection of hospital furniture. The following is a summery of the furniture we offer, please scroll down for more details.

  • Hospital beds, mattresses and bedside tables, ward screen
  • IV stands and accessories
  • Cabinets, desks and tables, examination couch.
  • Electrical and hydraulic couches and chairs
  • Gynecological couches
  • Operation theater tables
  • All types of trolleys
  • Transport Boxes
  • Led theater lights, Diagnostic, examination lights, Minor and major surgical theater lights
  • Outpatient clinic and ambulatory furniture
  • Hospital ward stretchers
  • ENT cabinets and furniture.
  • Wheel chairs
  • Baby Cribs

Hospital Ward Stretcher

We offer a wide range and various types of hospital stretchers that fully satisfy all requirements and meet international standards.


  • Steel structure with epoxy coating
  • 4 sections
  • Lift system bed supported by columns
  • Radiolucent bed, made of HPL, 10 mm thickness
  • Guide system that allow to perform RX plates around the bed by holder cassette support
  • Knee section movement ( middle section ) by gas spring
  • Independent footrest manually operated
  • Hydraulic height adjustment: 56-88cm
  • Two sided pedals for height adjustment, trendelenburg and reverse
  • Trendelenburg and reverse operated by hydraulic system (+-12º)
  • High density viscoelastic mattress, fire retardant and antistatic ( thickness 8cm)
  • Upholstered in vinyl, antibacterial, abrasion resistant, M-1 class. Easy to clean and maintenance
  • Body restraint strap
  • Centralized break system
  • 200mm wheels, two of them antistatic
  • Fifth wheel to easier the movement
  • Ergonomic push handles
  • Folding side rails with security lock
  • IV support, four hooks, adjustable in height with insertion in four corners
  • Thermoplastic lower base made in ABS, easy to clean with oxygen bottle support and belongings

Ambulance Stretchers

We offer several types of high-strength alloy aluminum ambulance stretchers and rescue stretchers.


  •  All-Metal Frame Construction-provides strength, long service life, and exceptional performance with heavy patients.
  • Wider Bed Surface and Head Frame-provide comfort and support for various size patients and extra elbow room during intubation and CPR.
  • Complete Bariatric Solution—with bariatric push-pull handles, 1100 lb. load capacity in the lowest position, and optional LBS and LBS Jr. Bariatric boards.
  • Length max: 79 inches
  • Length min: 64 inches
  • Loading Height: 34 inches
  • Weight: 92 lbs
  • Load Limit: 700 lbs
  • Width: 24 inches

Gynecology Examination couches

We offer a complete series of gynecology examination couches. From simple tables to electrically and hydraulic gynecology chairs. Our gynecology examination couches have been carefully designed with both the patient and the physician in mind.


  • Painted Epoxy coated steel
  • Base Central column and covered in ABS electrically adjustable height
  • Backrest Positionable from horizontal to sitting electrically adjustable (90º)
  • (Pelvis support) with electric trendelenburg (21º) manually folding and removable (90º)
  • Stainless steel collector
  • Adjustable height
  • Upholstered In SKAY

Hospital Trolleys

We offer a wide range of trolley solutions to suit every requirement. Our different types of Trolleys including lockable Storage Trolleys, Dressing Trolleys, CSSD Trolleys, Anesthesia Trolleys, Medicine Trolleys, Emergency Trolleys .Our Trolleys come with anti microbial coating.




IV Stand and Accessories

We offer a wide range of IV poles and stands for every requirement. All of our IV poles are subjected to intense safety and hygiene measures. They are robust, stable and steady, easy to clean and simple to operate.

IV Stand Accessories:

  • Bottle Holder
  • Bottle Bar
  • Infusion Bottle Holder
  • Pushing Handle
  • Shelf Rectangular/Round Shape
  • Monitor Shelf
  • Identification Case
  • Rail, Double Wall/Compact
  • Pump Holder
  • Wall Rail/Mount
  • Drainage Holder 2 Hooks
  • Pump Holder for 2 Devices
  • Medical Rail
  • Coat Holder with 2 Hooks

Operation Theater Tables

General Surgery Operating Table accommodates all general surgery applications in addition to a wide range of specialist procedures. Outstanding quality for reasonable price, versatility and functionality ensure operational comfort for everyday surgical work.





Optional table tops and bases, together with wide range of additional accessories make it suitable for general and specialist surgical procedures.


  • Battery powered, with charger built-in the base.
  • Unique software providing smooth and precise table movements.
  • Superior electro-hydraulic system, with technical solutions of the world leading micro hydraulics provider
  • Optional override control system, mechanic-hydraulic, used in case of corded hand control damage, failure of drive or main control system.
  • Range of table movements controlled via the hand control:
    • Height adjustment.
    • Table top tilts: lateral and longitudinal (trendelenburg and Rev-trendelenburg).
    • Back rest section and kidney bridge (option).
    • Longitudinal slide (option).
  • Adjustment angles of 40° trendelenburg and 30° tilt make it ideal solution for minimally invasive procedures.
  • Range of table movements controlled mechanically or gas spring supported:
    • Backrest section and kidney bridge.
    • Footrest sections.
    • Headrest sections.
    • Longitudinal slide.

Blood Extraction Chair

We offer a wide range of blood sampling chairs. They are designed to provide comfort and assurance for patients and safety and confidence for staff. These models bring you premium quality at an economical price. The gas spring assisted backrest can be fully reclined for patient comfort and emergency positioning.


  • Steel Structure with epoxy coating
  • Backrest and footrest gas-spring operated
  • Electric reclining seat
  • Trendelenburg / anti trendelenburg
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Withdrawing-hidden wheels with blocking system

Baby Crib

We offer a wide range of baby cribs mounted on either PVC stumps or castors in Epoxy coated Mild Steel as well as complete Stainless Steel framework. The design of our infant beds confines the child to the bed.


  • Aluminum, Stainless and epoxy steel coating structure
  • High impact ABS base
  • Removable and anatomic laminated plastic basket
  • Foam mattress upholstery in SKAY
  • Trendelenburg / anti trendelenburg (+ – 13º) by gas spring
  • Lateral push handle
  • 100mm rolling wheels, two with brakes

Wheel Chairs

We offer different types of wheel chairs that meet every requirement.


  • Folding frame
  • Regulation lights
  • Motors 320 watt with direct tap
  • Speed governor
  • Batteries: 100 A without maintenance
  • Range: 6 h (40km)
  • Speed: 8 km/h
  • Battery charger
  • Electromagnetic brakes
  • Adjustable in height and removable arms
  • Swinging and detachable footrests
  • Chest strap
  • Anti-overturn wheels


We are always adding new products. Please feel free to contact us for an updated product list.